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About Al Badr Kunafa AB

Our company, Al Badr Sweets, was established in 1997 in the city of Homs, Syria, specializing in the manufacture of premium chilled pastries and oriental sweets. With our previous name, Al Badr Kunafa, we had several stores spread across Syria and were well known for our extensive collection of pastries.

Due to the war in Syria, however, we were forced to relocate to Sweden. After our arrival in 2017, we decided to continue our business here and establish ourselves again.

Our passion: Making first-class desserts from Kunafa dough and Baklava

We manufacture our products to the strictest quality standards and use only the finest ingredients to offer our customers the most delicious and fresh taste. Our goal is to make our desserts accessible, fresh and appealing to everyone in Sweden.

What is kunafa dough?

Kunafa dough is a well-known product that has its roots in the Middle East, Turkey and Greece. The versatile dough enables the production of countless oriental sweets.

Already from the 9th century, the Kunafa dough was mentioned in historical texts. The origin is believed to lie in its spread from Egypt to Syria and then on to the entire Middle East. In the book Kitab al-tabikh (Book of Dishes) from the 9th century, a recipe for a Kunafa dish is described in which the dough is filled with nuts, fried and finished with honey - a recipe that is still used today. In the 15th century, the technique of producing Kunafa dough was discovered by pouring the liquid dough over a hot round metal plate, resulting in its characteristic thread-like shape. This technology is still in use today.

The modern Kunafa dishes are often topped with syrup or honey along with nuts, sweetened cheese, cream or chocolate filling.

We deliver our products all over Sweden

With us, you can enjoy delivery of our products all over Sweden, and when ordering 5 boxes or more, you get the benefit of free shipping.

For our customers within the EU and UK, we also offer delivery of all our products. If you would like more information about shipping rates and delivery options, please contact us Customer service.

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