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What is Kunafa dough?

Kunafa dough is a traditional and delicate dough that originates from the Middle East and has become a popular ingredient in sweet dishes around the world. Our kunafa dough, produced with care and precision, has established itself as the best on the market.

What distinguishes our kunafa dough is its exceptional quality. Through a fast and efficient baking process in the oven, the filling is protected from burning, which results in a dough of the highest quality. It is thin and elastic , perfect for creating different shapes and ideal for making delicious pastries such as Mabruma .

We are proud to offer a dough free of chemicals, dyes and preservatives . Our pursuit of purity and naturalness makes our kunafa dough a healthy and genuine alternative for all lovers of this exquisite art form.

Furthermore, we are the only producers of Kunafa dough in Sweden , and by offering a local and high-quality product, we meet the increasing demand for authentic flavors and raw materials in the bakery industry. Our dough is different from imported dough, free from preservatives and with a faster baking time, which not only maintains the purity but also guarantees superior quality and taste.

Kunafa dough's history stretches back to ancient Mesopotamia and has evolved into a cultural symbol of sharing and community. Respecting and celebrating this rich history, our kunafa dough adheres to traditional manufacturing methods and uses the finest ingredients to preserve the authentic taste and texture that have made kunafa so beloved around the world.

When you choose our kunafa dough, you are not only choosing an ingredient of the highest quality, but also a journey through time and culture. We are proud to share this tradition and give you the opportunity to create memorable moments with our exceptional baked goods.

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